About Us

Chuck and Charles show off some incredible custom Dead Rising weapons fabricated by Matthew Dawes.

ZGB Studios is a film studio based in Fayetteville, AR. We offer SPFX, VFX, production, and post production work. We also run a popular YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/zombiegoboomtv.

About Zombie Go Boom:

Zombie Go Boom is a popular web series on YouTube which is a live action zombie series that is essentially a combination of Mythbusters and The Walking Dead.

About SPFX and VFX:

If you have a film and you need props or practical effects to be custom manufactured for it, look no further.

If you have any post-production needs, such as editing, sound design, or VFX, we can do that too.

Email us at chuck@zombiegoboom.com for a quote.

About our Film Tutorials:

We are fascinated with all things film, which is why we like to teach you what we know on our YouTube channel and or recreate SFX and VFX from your favorite movies.

About our shop:

ZombieGoBoom.com is your one stop shop for movie props, ballistic gel heads, melee weapons, post production elements, and MUCH MUCH MORE!