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Material: northern spruce
Thickness (in / mm): 2,56 / 65
Length (in / mm): 14,76 / 375
Weight (oz / kg): 157,67 / 4,47
Width (in / mm): 14,45 / 367
Diagonal (inch / mm): 21 / 533

Professional ENDGRAIN PRO SQUARE 21"


Professional AceJet WOODEN TARGET for knife and weapons throwing developed and used by 5-time world champion in instinctive knife throwing and member of the International knife throwers Hall of fame Adam Čeladin.

Professional handmade wooden target from northern spruce is the best option for demanding knife throwers but even beginners will appreciate it, that knives can get stuck in the target very easily. This target was developed to serve its purpose perfectly with focus on quality and long functionality.


Because of the best quality of wooden material (100% northern spruce) is AceJet wooden target meant to absorb impact of axes or knives. There is no metal to damage your throwing knives.

On the top of the target is the leather handle, so you can carry it easily or hang it anywhere you want.


Product is proudly handmade in Bohemia.