ZGB Wasteland Survival Gladius - ZGB

ZGB Wasteland Survival Gladius - ZGB

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Overall Length 25 3/16" Blade: 18 7/16"

​​Blade: 1095 High Carbon Steel

Weight: 2 lb 6.3 oz

Edge: Very Sharp

P.O.B.: 3 1/8''

Thickness: 4.7 mm - 4.3 mm

Width: 57.7 mm - 60 mm

Grip Length: 3 1/4''

Pommel: Integrated ​



​The Zombie Go Boom Wasteland Gladius is a vicious and sharp close-quarters chop-and-thrust sword made from strong and tempered 1095 high carbon steel. The wide blade makes short work of the flesh and bone of grasping zombie limbs and is well capable of hacking them off in short order. The acutely tapered tip is purpose-built for precision-piercing the critical skull of the zombie and will widen into a gaping wound after mere inches of penetration. The blade is finished with a blackened top coat and emblazoned with the ‘’ZGB’’ stamp on a single side.

Not only is the blade quite durable, but the entirety of the hilt was designed to make as robust a sword construction as possible; the thick tang is an extension of the blade to ensure a solid, one-piece construction of blade and tang. The grip is halves of tough red and black micarta which are robustly steel-riveted into the tang no less than eight times. A pre-drilled hole in the grip will accommodate a lanyard or wrist strap (not included) and ensures that the sword will not stray far in even the most gore-strewn of scrums with the undead hordes.

Included with the Wasteland Gladius is a fitted sheath of durable nylon and canvas complete with a belt loop for wear and a buttoned retaining strap.